Lorna Davidson lives in Norfolk with an obscene amount of books, less fairy lights than she believes is healthy, and a small family of potted plants.

She spends an inordinate amount of time dreaming up magic, adventure, and lands that are far, far away, as well as the occasional poem, and has decided to try and make some sort of career from it by writing them all down. She hopes this will give her a reasonable excuse when caught staring wistfully out of windows when she should be paying attention to the not-so-mystical “Real World”.

She realises this is where an author would list all of their qualifications and other impressive stuff, but just between us, she’s totally winging it.

Books by L. Davidson

The Redwood War series:

The (8) The Redwood Rebel: Book One of The Redwood War

In the aftermath of civil war, the people of Ffion starve. Trade has dwindled, harvests have failed, and only the cruel and corrupt thrive. The few who could have fled the forest continent for other lands, but most remain, trapped by poverty and love for their homeland.

Far beneath Chloris Castle, the rebel Naomi has been incarcerated since the tyrannical Princess Adrienne stole the Redwood Throne. Starved of light and warmth for the past four years, only Naomi’s rage and determination have kept her going, as she both fears and yearns for death’s release.

In a violent sweep of fate, she is dragged back into the light once more. The Princess and her Councillor hope to use her as a pawn against the powerful Dragon King of Koren. Faced with an almost impossible choice, Naomi strikes a deal with her captors that will set her free at last.

Unfortunately, she soon finds she has taken on much more than she bargained for.

The (10) The Royal Sentinel: Book Two of The Redwood War

Months have passed since Naomi’s escape from Ffion.

At last she has reached Asuya, the capital city of Tsumetai far to the frigid North. Seeking council with the Empress, Naomi believes her family connections and past deeds of valour will be enough to gain the support she needs to reclaim her home from Adrienne’s grasp.

When it becomes clear it could never be so simple, Naomi has to balance her loyalties, learn diplomacy, and protect both herself and those around her from the threat of her increasingly desperate enemies.

It certainly doesn’t help to find a very unpleasant surprise awaiting her arrival.

The (2)The Dragon’s Consort: Book Three of The Redwood War

Left with no other options, Naomi has joined forces with King Arun and is heading to Koren. As her last and most enthusiastic ally against Adrienne, he has promised to dethrone the usurper in the name of Naomi and the true Redwood lineage, all whilst offering her, Gerrard, and Bianca safe refuge in the capital of Malchior.

After the events in Ffion and Tsumetai, the pair have found a mutual respect and even some form of friendship, yet Naomi still finds herself struggling with their new alliance. Bearing the pressure of all her responsibilities, her conflicting roles, her personal expectations, and learning to navigate all the pitfalls of another culture, it soon becomes evident that she needs as much help as she can get.

But there is little refuge, and a great storm is heading for Koren.

Stand-Alone Work:

GOING (1)Going Under

The first time she summoned me, neither of us realised she had. It was only long after the fact that even I understood how she had called me to her side, and longer still for her to believe it. We did not recognise one another for who or what we were that first time, which was more my mistake than hers. I am as old as time itself; older even. My domain is the dark depths of the ocean, my power as strong as the currents and my strength implacable as the tides. She was only a child living in the human world.


Poetry Collections:

The (20)The Longest Drop

Sometimes the hardest part about surviving isn’t the catastrophe itself but the days, months, years
that follow after everyone has moved on and left you to find your own way forward.

Everyone has an opinion about trauma but only those who have lived it understand the
u n c e r t a i n t y
that follows and the fear that comes from looking down at the sharp Drop in solid ground as you try to find your feet.


jamais-vu The Things You Don’t See

A small poetry collection about love, life, and loss.

All proceeds donated to Room To Read.







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