I’ve been trying to think of what to do with The Redwood War series. I want to finish it, but mostly because I’m pig-headed about not leaving things half done.

So here’s the question: If I set up a Patreon account, how many of you would be up for supporting my work?

Right now I’m thinking I could give book one as a free epub file for signing up, then update the next three books a chapter at a time -possibly monthly or fortnightly, I haven’t decided- and as each book ends, send them out as a completed epub file.

I’d like to just post it for free, but honestly? I’m broke ^^” I’m just not in a position to work for free right now, as much as I wish I could. Book 1 cost me a heck of a lot to self-publish, and I was in a much better financial situation then than I am right now.

I hope that sounds fair, but I’d really like to hear what you guys think?


3 thoughts on “Patreon?

  1. I’d go in on a Patreon for you despite having no idea how it works!
    It sounds fair and interesting if you’re wanting a different way to get your work out there. What would not be fair is you putting your incredibly hard work out there for free. You are a writer–a published one at that!–and you are worth the money whether you feel it or not. Did you know that The Redwood Rebel has four and a half stars from EIGHTY-NINE ratings on Goodreads? That’s more than just a few people! So let us give back a little, okay? 🙂

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