Here is my interview with Jill Turner

Reblogging partly because Jill was very kind to have mentioned me, but mostly because I really think she deserves a great deal more attention. The premise of her series is very good, and I recommend you take time and check both her and her work out!



Name Jill Turner

Age 54

Where are you from: At the moment I live in Colchester, Essex in the UK.  I was born in London and spent several years in rural North Norfolk – which I’d like to go back to.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc:

I went to school far too many years ago to care to think about; became a wife and mother in my twenties, and a mother again at 40 (but, sadly, was no longer required as a wife shortly after that, a fact for which I am truly grateful now though not so much at the time!)  I studied law and worked as a paralegal until my second child was born when I changed careers to work with children alongside caring for my own.  I was sponsored to take a BA (Ed) at the OU and worked for…

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