Book Review: “All From Dreams” by Bethanie F. DeVors

Title: All From Dreams (Book One of The Seodrassian Chronicles)

Genre: Fantasy

Author: Bethanie F. DeVors

Rating: 3/5


All From Dreams is very much the kind of book that makes me love this genre above all others, because there really are no limits on where your imagination can take you.

The world-building alone is expansive and epic, with details scattered throughout the story so skilfully that you know all about the land of Seodrass before you even realise it. The premise is clever, and while it could possibly be seen as “tropey wish-fulfilment” it’s just so well written that I defy a single person who loves the genre could ever look down on it for that. Who hasn’t wished their epic quest dreams wouldn’t come true in some way?

The writing itself is very beautiful. The story flowed from one scene to the next with such ease, there was never a dull moment. The descriptive work was solid, and the characters realistic, full of a wide spectrum of emotion and purpose that I always love to see in any book I read.

All From Dreams is the escapist fantasy we all long for, and I think it was very well executed. I look forward to reading more of the series.

If you’re interested in learning more about the epic realm of Seodrass or the highly skilled author who has brought it to life, here is a link to the facebook page:


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